What’s up with Jade Rolling? Why am I Obsessed?


Jade Roller and Peonies

Every day, twice a day, morning and night, I take this weird green thing out of my freezer and roll it all over my face. What in the world am I doing, you ask? Jade Rolling! Tbh, You guys have probably seen me doing it if you follow me on my Instagram stories. I’m super into it. This post is not sponsored in any way, I just want to share one of my favorite “extras” with you guys!

Jade Roller and Peonies

This handy little thing, besides being gorgeous, is an extremely useful skin care tool. Jade rolling has been around for centuries, so I hear. It’s used for skin tightening, de-puffing (that’s a technical term), and relieving tension in the face. The Jade stone, a semi precious stone, stays cold even in warm weather so it has a nice cooling effect when rolled over the skin. I like to take it a step further and keep it in the freezer so it gets extra cold. All you have to is roll it over your face in an upward and outward motion. It feels amazing on my skin and I’ve noticed some real benefits since purchasing one about 6 months ago.

For one, my skin is smoother and tighter. Although I hate to admit it, I am getting older (ugh) and fine lines are starting to appear around my eyes. Jade rolling everyday helps keep those pesky wrinkles at bay. At night, I use a serum on my face and then jade roll so I’m quite literally rolling out my lines. Not a bad plan, if you ask me.

My other favorite benefit from using a jade roller is the headache and tension relief. I have this extremely annoying habit of clenching my jaw while I sleep. I’ve tried sleeping with a mouth guard in and have spit it out in my sleep every single time. Seriously, I’ll wake up with a mouth guard in my sheets or on the ground by my bed. I even woke up with it in my hand one time, lol. When I jade roll over my jaw, where I hold a ton of tension, it loosens it up and releases all that tension! It’s basically like magic. If you’ve got a headache, or maybe you indulged in one too many drinks the night before or ate too much salty food (hello!), the jade rolling will absolutely help relieve the pain and take down puffiness.

Jade Roller and peonies

So, basically, if you are a human with a face, you should be jade rolling. There are a bunch of options on amazon that are affordable, just make sure it’s real jade! So that’s my extra tip for you guys! If you have any skin care or wellness tips of your own, please comment below!




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