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Simple Pizza Sauce

Simple Pizza Sauce

The only pizza sauce you’ll ever need! This is how I make the sauce for 99% of the pizzas I make at home. It’s simple, flavorful and so easy to make! This sauce is similar to the sauce you would find on a Neapolitan style pizza. It’s made with just tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt and dried oregano. A true Read More

Miso Butter

Miso butter

Miso butter is going to be your new favorite thing! We all (I hope) enjoy miso dishes when we’re out at a restaurant, but now that miso is so easy to find at grocery stores, why not use it at home? This miso butter could not be easier to make—you literally just mix the ingredients in a bowl—and it packs Read More

Greek Chicken with Tzatziki

I am submitting myself to relentless teasing by posting this recipe. Why, you ask? The cumin. I have always said that I hate cumin and while I still maintain that I don’t like it, it keeps finding it’s way into my recipes these days. Eek! My dad (who always makes fun of me for not liking cumin) is going to Read More