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Liquid Chlorophyll: Not so Borophyll

You know that saying, “Eat your greens”?  Well, I’m into drinking them. Literally, my water is green. That’s because, for the last month I’ve been drinking liquid chlorophyll in my water everyday and wanted to share my experience with you guys! You might have heard about it as it’s becoming more and more popular. We all remember learning about chlorophyll Read More

What’s up with Jade Rolling? Why am I Obsessed?

Jade Roller and Peonies

Every day, twice a day, morning and night, I take this weird green thing out of my freezer and roll it all over my face. What in the world am I doing, you ask? Jade Rolling! Tbh, You guys have probably seen me doing it if you follow me on my Instagram stories. I’m super into it. This post is Read More