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Chicory Salad with Blue Cheese and Pears

My mom used to make a similar salad to this one when I was growing up and I used to resist it because my (totally wrong) brain thought that pears couldn’t be good in a salad. Well, when I finally came around and realized that pears are DELICIOUS in salad, I felt like a real moron. Take it from me Read More

Farro With Miso Mushrooms

I am honestly kind of mad at myself for not bringing this recipe to life sooner. I have a list of “cooking ideas” in my notes on my phone where I jot down any and all ideas I have for recipes. Some of these ideas are fully formed and ready to be put to the test and some… well, some Read More

Blistered Shishito Peppers with Anchovy Dust

I am absolutely aware that some of you guys are going to be completely turned off and possibly confused by the idea of anchovy dust. I know. BUT! I am forging on with this recipe because I know just how delicious it is. Hint: VERY. So don’t run away! So, forgetting the anchovy dust for just one moment, have you Read More